We offer the following services to Cottleville residents:

What makes us different from other AIR CONDITIONING repair companies is that we take pride in providing the best most honest service around.  We do not pay any employee commission for parts they replace in your home.  No matter how big or small your AIR CONDITIONING problem our recommendations are in your best interest not ours. Because of our honest service Fresh Air has been visiting the same Cottleville homes since 1947, year after year.


Our Promise…

  • No COMMISSIONS. Our technicians are paid hourly.  Our recommendations are in your best interest not ours.
  • Guarantee all repairs for 1 year!
  • Install quality parts from respected manufacturers
  • Offer emergency services to the Cottleville area 24/7
  • Are licensed and bonded in Cottleville, MO


AC Repair Services in Cottleville

Air conditioners work very hard during the hot St. Louis summers.   Even the most high-end systems can experience an untimely break down.  Faulty wiring, falling debris, refrigerant leaks and many other factors can lead to mechanical break downs.

While some issues can easily be identified, others can be more difficult to diagnose. Before attempting to address the problems yourself, which can worsen the issue, trust in a professional. Our expert technicians can repair and maintain your air conditioning system ensuring that your air conditioner is running at its peak efficiency.

Refrigerant Leak

Without regular maintenance to your home’s AIR CONDITIONING system, small issue can become a larger one. One such issue many residents in Cottleville see is refrigerant leaks. The refrigeration system of your AC is a closed circuit and should not require additional refrigerant unless there is a leak.  The leak can be found in a number of places; the evaporator coil, the condenser coil, or anywhere between.  When a leak is present there are several options but only one solution.  The solution is to repair the leak or replace the failed part.  The band aid is to charge the system with refrigerant, if the leak is small the unit may run without error for the rest of the season.

AC Maintenance in Cottleville, MO

We offer 4 different maintenance programs to you in Cottleville. We provide top notch solutions for you whenever you need them, ensuring that your home is comfortable for you and your family!

See how our Triple 7 Service can make your life easier today!


Cottleville is one of the oldest towns in St. Charles. Located along the old Boones Lick Rd, it was first settled by Capt. Warren G. Cottle who secured the land from the Spanish in 1798. They are a community that values tradition, but welcomes a positive view of the city’s future.

Since 1947, Fresh Air- Weinrich Heating & Cooling has been providing AIR CONDITIONING repairs to its loyal residents of Cottleville. Whether you need a A/C tune- up, A/C repair, or AIR CONDITIONING replacement, let the Fresh Air Team service your heating and air conditioning equipment. If you are looking to increase your air conditioner’s efficiency in Cottleville or prevent costly air conditioner repairs, take advantage of our coupons on Service Agreements or special offers such as Ameren rebates.  Call our office today and bring Fresh Air into your home!

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