Carrier 24ANB7 Air Conditioner

Carrier 24ANB7 Air Conditioner

  • Efficiency up to 17 SEER
  • Two Stage Cooling
  • Infinity Control Compatible

Two Stage air conditioners can operate at a high power or low power. Your air conditioner will automatically select the amount of cooling power needed based on the temperature outside.

Two stage cooling BENEFITS:

  1. More even temperatures from room-to-room and floor-to-floor.
  2. More effectively cools your 2nd floor in a home with only one heating and cooling system.
  3. Removes additional humidity in the summer to create a less balmy environment.

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Interested in a Free Estimate?

Call 636.530.0070 to speak to someone right away or use this link to send us your information.  Tim or Kevin will setup a time that works for you to go over your current equipment and discuss your options.  The Carrier 24ANB7 Air Conditioner is a two stage, and efficient piece of equipment designed for comfort. Let us bring Fresh Air into your home.

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