APCO Whole-Home Air Purifier

APCO Whole-Home Air Purifier
  • Indoor Air Quality : There is no technology on the market more effective at eliminating biological contaminants. This is why UV-C light has been used in hospitals, laboratories, operating rooms, and water treatment plants for decades.
  • Safe Operation : The APCO Germicidal light is safely housed within your heating and cooling system to focus and isolate the area of effectiveness to where it can grant the most protection and pose zero threat to the homeowner whatsoever.
  • Oder Control : APCO UV-C Germicidal lights tackle strong odors in your home like food smells, dirty laundry, mold, smoking, and pet dander leaving behind only the fresh, clean scent of truly pure air.
  • System Longevity : Because the unit is kept cleaner longer, HVAC systems with UV-C lighting have a longer average lifespan than those relying solely on carbon filters.
  • Virtually Maintenance Free : The UV-C light is self-cleaning and after installation requires almost no maintenance aside from annual or biannual bulb replacement.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty : UV –C lights come with a standard limited lifetime warranty on all parts except the lamp.

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