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Great Service

Sep 14, 2015 by Amy Johnston
City: Chesterfield • 
Zip Code: 63005 

Fresh Air has been providing us HVAC service for many years and we have always been so pleased. The office staff is super friendly and the technicians are extremely knowledgeable. We have a yearly maintenance agreement, so we count of Fresh Air to make sure our units are in great working condition. We have also had to have emergency service and Fresh Air is available to help same day. Thank you for providing an excellent, trusted service.

Quick response

Sep 04, 2015 by Paula Kramer
City: Ballwin • 
Zip Code: 63021 

Came quickly to repair a/c. Very friendly and respected home.

Aug 21, 2015 by James Frederick
City: Saint Charles • 
Zip Code: 63301 

Been a customer since 2001 when I took over a house that had an existing furnace/ac carrier system. The technician (Kevin) has always been on time for service appts and has NEVER steered me wrong. The system just went bad and I had Fresh Air install a new system. The installation crew was top knotch and knocked out a system replacement in six hours. I'm worry free now for the next 10 to 15 years with this new system and the peace of mind knowing that I have a superb maintenance team to handle my investment.

Aug 19, 2015 by Ron Jones
Zip Code: 63017 

We have used Fresh Air for general matinenance for years. When our unit went out this summer, they were able to respond with a complete new system in just a couple of days. Installers were very courteous and professional, cleaned up very well and had the job done in just a few hours. Very pleased all around.

Aug 13, 2015 by richard shapiro
City: Chesterfield • 
Zip Code: 63017 

I have used Fresh Air-Weinrich for their bi annual service plan since 2003. The previous owners told me they had used them and gave them a good recommendation. I cannot think of one time that they have not been here when promised. My units are now 18 years old and still going strong. And when I have had a problem, like this week, they seem to get them working with a small fix. One of my 18 year old units went out this week and I was expecting the worst. And I would have believed the worst....$90 later, it was working perfectly.

And through the years, it seems like the same 4-5 guys have been here. Thats a very good sign. And each guy is as nice and polite as the next.

I highly recommend Fresh Air-Weinrich

Richard Shapiro

New Air Conditioner

Aug 13, 2015 by Richard Nauman
City: Chesterfield • 
Zip Code: 63005 

We were customers of Weinrich heating and cooling for years. I am happy to say the fine tradition lives on.
When you first call the receptionist is always pleasant and helpful. The servicemen have all been great. Todd installed our new A.C. .He did his job quickly and well . When finished he cleaned up after himself ( it had just rained ). Todd was articulate, polite and a pleasure to talk to.
If you are looking for a good heating & cooling company you can't go wrong with Fresh Air !

Jul 23, 2015 by Sue Schwartz
City: Ballwin • 
Zip Code: 63011 

I cannot say enough nice things about Fresh Air/Weinrich. My parents used the company before they passed away and I continued. Every time I have a major problem, they always can work me in. The girls in the office are very sweet. The guys that come to do the repairs are always nice, informative and patient with all my questions. I have not met or talked to one person that I have not been happy with. I cannot thank you enough for all the years of wonderful service. Thanks again.....I really appreciate the wonderful service. Sue Schwartz

My Experiences With Fresh Air

Jul 10, 2015 by Don Carder
City: Ballwin • 
Zip Code: 63021 

If anyone is reading this review of Fresh Air Heating and Cooling in order to determine whether or not to use their services, I would like to tell you about my experiences with this company.

But wait! First, let me tell you about some of the other heating and cooling companies I have used in the past, you know, the ones where the guy with the scraggly beard wearing the dirty, grimy clothes that look like they must surely be the only set of work clothes he owns, parks in front of your house, a dented, dilapidated van that makes you mutter under your breath, \'God, how did that piece of sh*t make it here\' and you wonder if you\'re going to have to give his van a jump to get it off your street. Does this type of heating and cooling guy sound familiar?

And, after looking at your furnace/cooling unit for a whopping total of two minutes, Grizzly Adams declares in a solemn voice, as if he were speaking at a funeral, that your furnace/cooling unit is about to expire at any moment and either you will die from frostbite or cook to death in your home like chocolate chip cookies in an Easy Bake oven and only by forking over twelve thousand of your hard-earned dollars will your soon-to-be miserable life be spared.

Well, let me tell you, FRESH AIR IS NOT THAT COMPANY!

Last winter my furnace stopped working and I cringed as I went online to find a repairman. Would a lunatic appear at my door or some escapee from state prison? It was, \'eeni meany miny moe\' as far as I was concerned. I didn\'t know one repair company from the other. You paid your money and you took your chances. That\'s the way it went.

I stumbled across a company by the name of Fresh Air and I thought, \'why not\'? Maybe they would be a breath of fresh air as compared to the other heating and cooling companies, but I wasn\'t expecting much.

An appointment was made and they gave me a three-hour time slot for the technician to appear at my house. I wouldn\'t have to wait all day like you do for the cable guy to arrive. They called me when their technician was five minutes away. In less than five minutes a clean, new van parked in front of my house. The guy got out of his van. No scraggly beard. No greasy hair. No filthy clothes. He had all his teeth. His belly wasn\'t hanging over his belt and the crack of his butt wasn\'t showing. He looked like one of those clean-cut guys you see on television commercials. You know, a nice uniform, clean shaven, intelligent-looking, and his knuckles weren\'t dragging on the driveway.

He introduced himself and shook my hand in a friendly and polite manner. Before he entered my house he put coverings over his shoes so as not to track anything on my carpet. I was shocked by his professionalism. I looked outside to see if this was Candid Camera and someone was playing a trick on me. Seeing no film crew, I showed him to the furnace.

The gentleman-technician removed the cover to my furnace to examine it and after a few short moments showed me the problem. I didn\'t need a new muffler bearing. I didn\'t need a new transmission. The dylithium crystals didn\'t even need to be replaced. The thingy that lights the gas (I don\'t remember what he called it) wasn\'t working and it would take him about five minutes to replace.

Presto chango! and the furnace was working again. Luxurious heat filled my home once more. But now I looked askance at the technician. It was time to get the \'end-of-the-world\' speech. Surely, he would tell me my furnace/cooling unit was about to explode and only by buying a new system could I hope to escape being blown to smithereens. I got that \'puckering\' feeling in my lower extremities.

\"Well?\" I asked, begging the question and the speech that I expected.

\"It\'s past its prime,\" he answered, \"but I think we can keep it limping along for some years to come.\"

I was bewildered. I stuck my finger in my ear to clean out the earwax. Did I hear him right? Was I hallucinating? No pushy sales job? No eminent apocalypse about to happen? No nay-sayer of doom and destruction? He could keep it going for some years to come?

Ah! But the bill, right? It was time to pay the piper and I was certain that this technician and his company was too good to be true. There was a catch. There had to be. The bill must be gigantic. Hell, I had paid another company two-hundred dollars to replace a fuse for my air conditioner so this bill would be what? Three, four, five-hundred dollars?

He handed me the bill. I looked at it and gasped! It was under eighty bucks. Was this just the down payment? I had to ask.

\"No, Sir,\" he replied. \"That\'s the entire amount.\"

Inside my head I was doing my happy dance. I asked him if they had a maintenance program, which he told me they did and explained it to me. It was more than reasonable and I suggest that anyone who uses Fresh Air get one. It takes all the worry out of your heating and cooling problems. They come to your home in the fall and spring to take care of your furnace/cooling unit and at a very modest price.

I have never known a heating/cooling company to be like Fresh Air. They do things the old-fashion way, meaning their service and professionalism is beyond compare and they\'re not out to make a quick buck off you. It\'s like doing business with folks from Mayberry, folks you can trust and know they won\'t try to screw you.

One last thing about Fresh Air which I think tells you a lot about the company. I\'ve spoken to the technicians about the company and how it is run. They told me it is a family-owned business that\'s been around for a long time and the owners treat their employees like family. They said the owners make sure the equipment they use is top-notch, including the vans, and that Fresh Air is far-and-away the best heating/cooling company around. That\'s something you don\'t hear from many employees and I believe it to be true.

You should try Fresh Air. I swear on all that is good in the world that you won\'t be disappointed with them.

Don C.

Response: This brought happy tears and joy to our office. Thank you.

Great Company

Jul 02, 2015 by Michael Hansen
City: Saint Louis • 
Zip Code: 63146 

My family has been using this company for over 20 years. We have always had the best service. The work is done professionally and the technicians are courteous and extremely capable to handle any situation. We have used them for emergencies as well as regular maintenance and have never been disappointed. If you are looking for a heating/cooling company you should try them out you will not be disappointed. Thank you for the continued excellent service.


Jun 30, 2015 by Brandy McDermott
City: Ballwin • 
Zip Code: 63021 

My In-Laws referred Fresh Air to us and we are so happy they did. They were out within a day and our system is running great! We even signed up for the annual service plan. Our system has not been cleaned inside and out. Both technicians who came out were very friendly and professional. I would recommend Fresh Air to anyone. Thank you!!

Fresh Air-Weinrich Heating and Cooling , USA 5.0 5.0 35 35 Used you service for years - really felt that Mike or service man was prepared and knowledgable

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