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New Installation - Great Service

Jun 28, 2015 by Peter Mueller
City: University City • 
Zip Code: 63130 

Fresh Air did a superb job installing two complete A/C systems (upstairs and downstairs) in just two days with minimal inconvenience to our family.

During the preceding 19 years we've been in our house, they kept the existing systems running that were 28 years old when we finally replaced them.

I would definitely recommend Fresh Air both for service and new installations.

Jun 27, 2015 by Kathy Fehlig
City: Chesterfield • 
Zip Code: 63017 

Steve was very professional; arrived on time, put the disposable socks on and proceeded to take care of the A/C. He has been here before so knew where to go. Very quick and efficient

Excellent Service

Jun 26, 2015 by Deb Cronin
City: Chesterfield • 
Zip Code: 63017 

Our technician, Steve, was very professional. He arrived on time, introduced himself, explained what he was going to do and got to work. We have always been pleased with the services that Fresh Air have provided.

Air conditioning services

Jun 25, 2015 by Terri Niemeyer
City: Ballwin,MO • 
Zip Code: 63011 

Kevin was the repair person that made our call. He was very thorough and explained what and why he did what he did. He helps us in adjusting the thermostat. We had a lot of confidence in his work.

Air Conditioning Service

Jun 25, 2015 by Rich Heidemann
City: Chesterfield • 
Zip Code: 63017 

Todd, the techncian did a great job. Very knowledgeable and worked very efficiently. We will continue to use Fresh Air Heating and Colling for all of our heating and cooling needs.

Outstanding customer service

Jun 25, 2015 by Ann Miller
City: Wildwood • 
Zip Code: 63038 

We have used Fresh Air for years and have always had professional, friendly service from the technicians, the installers, and the office staff. Great company to use for our home!
Recently our a/c was not working and a technician came out within 45 minutes of my call to diagnose the problem. Fresh Air installed a new a/c and furnace in our home and they did a great job- very courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. We will definitely keep using Fresh Air for years to come.

Excellent Service

Jun 20, 2015 by Gerald Linnenbringer
City: St Albans • 
Zip Code: 63073 

One recent hot night, one of our air conditions stopped working. I called Fresh Air that night (not the emergency number). They called back first thing the next morning. A technician was at the house by 8:15AM that morning to trouble shoot the problem. They were back the next day installing a new air conditioner. From realizing I had a problem to the whole thing being resolved in less than 48 hours. Great service!

Air conditioning

Jun 20, 2015 by Mary H
City: Chesterfield • 
Zip Code: 63017 

Freshair is professional and the service cannot be beat!! Steph is knowledgable and helped me get a new AC, an the techs love dogs!!! Mary H

Great Job

Jun 16, 2015 by Joy Hercules
City: St. Louis • 
Zip Code: 63124 

We have 6 units so maintenance is always a full day job. We returned from vacation with water leaking through our laundry room ceiling. It happened to be the same day as our scheduled air conditioning maintenance. It was not the Fresh Air guy's job to be involved with our issue, but I think he spent an additional 2 hours helping us locate the problem so we could get someone out to clear our clogged condensation pipes. We have always been happy with Fresh Air since we switched about 2 years ago, but this one "sealed the deal". He really went above and beyond in providing us with the excellent customer service we always get from Fresh Air !

Thank you...

Jun 15, 2015 by Elissa Ornato
City: Ballwin, MO. • 
Zip Code: 63021 

To Fresh-Air / Weinrich ...

At 8:30a.m., on a Saturday morning in June, I phoned FreshAir-Weinrich to explain that my air conditioner was not working. The temperature in the house had climbed into the 80s and would only become more uncomfortable as the day progressed.
Fearing the worst, I asked how long it would take to get a new air conditioner installed, but was told not to worry since it might not need replacement. Still, I had visions of living with 90-degre heat for days while a new a/c was ordered and delivered.
The technician arrived within 45 minutes of my call ... much sooner than I could have hoped. Within 15 minutes of arrival, he’d replaced the dual capacitor and the house was already cooling off as I happily wrote a check.
The tech was cheerful, confident, and worked quickly, quietly, and efficiently, and then left in a rush to get to his next appointment. His cheerful and conscientious demeanor was very reassuring, especially when I’d expected to hear some pretty bad news. He gets an A+ in my book, as does Lizzie, the lady on the phone who had patiently listened to my plight earlier that morning.

Thank you so much for being available on a Saturday, and for such quick and effective response on a weekend. The entire experience with each person at FreshAir-Weinrich was a pleasure. You all get an A+ And now you know why I’ve been a contract-customer of Weinrich and then Fresh-Air Weinrich since the early 1990s.



Fresh Air-Weinrich Heating and Cooling , USA 5.0 5.0 35 35 Used you service for years - really felt that Mike or service man was prepared and knowledgable

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