The Nest Thermostat: “Meet the only thermostat that improves with time and can be controlled by your smart phone”

Anyone can program a thermostat with a little time; but technology is supposed to make your life easier, right?  The Nest thermostat does all of the work for you. This unique thermostat programs itself by monitoring your daily routines and your temperature settings.  After the first week, Nest learns your schedule and automatically turns down heating or cooling while you are gone, so that you don’t have to.

Did you know that a thermostat can control up to 50% of your energy costs? In most homes, electronics, appliances, lighting, water heating, and refrigeration all combined equal a fraction of your energy bill. Throughout the year, most homeowners find themselves standing in front of their thermostat daily, adjusting the temperature to try to save on the energy bill. The Nest is designed to take that nuisance out of your daily life.


Last week, Fresh Air installed the Nest Learning Thermostat in our office.  Our team was amazed at the sleek design and look.  The Nest created a program for Fresh Air all on its own.  Through our office wi-fi, the Nest displays the outdoor temperature. We are able to review how much energy we have used and what made the biggest impact: our temperature changes, auto-away or the weather.

What sets this thermostat apart from all the rest? The Nest can also be monitored and controlled by your smart phone and iPad apps.  You can download the free apps and review your home temperature and humidity from anywhere, will have the ability to raise or lower the temperature and change settings from “heat” to “cool.”

As a heating and cooling company we are excited to see these types of technological advances in the HVAC world!


For more helpful information on The Nest, please contact our office at 636.530.0070.

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