Prevent Summer Air Conditioner Repairs

We had an extremely mild heating season in St. Louis this year…so what does that mean for our air conditioning months this summer?  Your guess is as good as mine.  Whether we have the hot temperatures of last summer or not, your air conditioner will need to be cleaned and serviced.  Your AC is exposed to extreme temperatures, sun, rain, snow, hail and all the plant life surrounding. Air conditioners take the biggest beating and, as a result, require maintenance.

There are many preventative measures that can be taken in order to prevent an untimely breakdown of your cooling system. Here are a few we recommend having inspected:

  • Refrigerant levels: The copper lines that make up your AC system are filled with a gas.  This gas allows for continuous air conditioning.  Leaks can develop in the outdoor unit, indoor unit, and the lines running from the outside AC to your indoor furnace.  Replacement of this refrigerant is necessary in order to cool your house effectively and efficiently.  Refrigerant leaks are a very common cause of unit failures.  Often times these leaks can be repaired.
  • Contactor: Your contactor is how your thermostat communicates with your outdoor unit.  Once your thermostat calls for cooling your contactor turns the outdoor unit on.  Technicians can inspect the contactor to be sure it is not worn or pitted, creating a fault in communication.
  • Cleaning: Not only does the outdoor condenser coil need cleaning but the inside coil needs attention as well.  Clean coils allow for free airflow which saves a lot on your energy bills.

Water leaking at your furnace is a very common and preventable service call.  As your cooling system runs, it is also dehumidifying your home, and this is where the water comes from.  The drain hose and drain pan need to be cleaned to keep free of any mold or obstructive debris.  We recommend replacing your drain hose every five years.

In addition, it’s important to replace your air filter when it’s clogged. A clean system can save you anywhere between 5%-15% in energy savings and prevent a mid-season AC repair.

We look forward to seeing you this Spring!! Thanks for reading.

Katie Sinn

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