What to do when your thermostat is blank

If you find that your thermostat screen has gone blank, here are a few things to look for.

1. Do you have power in the home?

If the power is out in most cases your thermostat will not be lit.  In all cases your furnace fan will not run.

2. Does your thermostat have batteries?

Many programmable and non-programmable thermostats are powered by batteries.   To access the batteries you must get to the back plate.  All thermostats have a back plate that is mounted to the wall.  The part of the thermostat that you see and touch is the face plate.  Depending on your type of thermostat, you can remove the face plate by either pulling out and down, or pulling out and up.  If you are unsure of how to remove the face plate, try typing the model number into a search engine and you should find a video or directions on removing the face plate and locating the batteries.

3. Check the furnace safety switch.

All furnaces have a safety switch located next to the furnace itself.  The switch will look just like an ordinary light switch.  If the switch is “up” you have power to the furnace and thermostat.

If your thermostat is still blank after checking the power, batteries, and safety switch, I recommend calling a heating and cooling company.  You could be having a communication issue between your furnace and thermostat or you may need a new thermostat.  We hope this helps.

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