Is my humidifier working?

There are a couple of ways to tell if your humidifier is working; water usage, condensation, and a humidity gauge.

  • Water usage- If you can see water draining from the drain line you can assume that water is being run through the humidifier. If the furnace is running and air is being circulated through the home it is being humidified.  The humidifier pad needs to be changed once per year.
  • Condensation- If you see condensation on windows and doors that is because the air inside your home is humid. When that warmer humid air meets the cold window or door it causes condensation.  If you see condensation be sure to turn back your humidifier, the condensation can create problems for the window seals and sills if left that way for an extended period.
  • Humidity Gauge- This gauge is sold at most major hardware stores for $20-$40. A humidity gauge will display the actual humidity percentage in your home.  Many new thermostats now have a humidity gauge built in as well.  If you are updating your thermostat you may want to look for this feature in a new thermostat.

If you feel you are not getting the correct amount of humidity in your home, please call 636.530.0070 for fast and friendly service.  View our humidifier specials here.

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