Why does my air conditioner need to be cleaned?

An air conditioner should not only be cleaned but inspected. An inspection on an air conditioner can turn up warning signs or even failure of electrical components such as a contactor, capacitor, condenser fan motor, compressor, or circuit board. Any failure from just one of these components can lead to a hot, sticky day for a homeowner in the summer. An inspection, of course, prevents an untimely breakdown while the actual cleaning of an air conditioner lowers your bills and, in extreme cases, prevents breakdown or unit failure. The cleaning of an air conditioner, more specifically the condenser coil, allows free air flow from the sides of an air conditioner through the top of the air conditioner. An air conditioner has a condenser coil that serves to remove heat from the home. That’s in fact how an air conditioner works; it doesn’t cool the air, it removes heat from the air. This air is extracted through R22 or R410A refrigerant from the indoor unit to the outdoor condenser coil. As the fan runs outside at the AC, it’s pulling air across the condenser coil, removing as much heat as possible. This process occurs throughout the spring and summer whenever the air conditioner operates. During these seasons plants and trees pollenate, lawn clippings are blown towards the unit, and most importantly the notorious cotton wood tree sends out its snow-like¬†seeds.¬† A thorough cleaning will remove all the debris and keep your air conditioner running at its peak efficiency.

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