Is your lawn suffocating your air conditioner?

The use of bushes and shrubs is a great way to enhance the curb appeal of a home. These same plants can be used to hide potentially unsightly utility connections or even an air conditioner.

When using a plant to hide an air conditioner, however, one must consider accessibility and efficiency. If shrubs grow to a substantial size near an air conditioner, accessibility will be limited, making maintenance and service difficult to impossible. In addition, restrictive bushes will hurt the airflow efficiency of an air conditioner, driving up operating costs. We recommend two feet of clearance around the entire air conditioner. This isn’t always possible, but clear access will only lower the cost of ownership for the homeowner. Proper clearance will increase efficiency, extend the life of the unit, and decrease service costs. In summary, with a little yard maintenance, a homeowner can find the right balance between lawn beautification and a lower cost of ownership.

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