How much does a Freon charge cost?

Freon or R22 is the gas used in a home’s air conditioning system. Without refrigerant, a cooling system will not work. Within an air conditioning system, Freon runs through a sealed loop from the air conditioner outside to the evaporator coil inside. This seal should remain intact and an air conditioner should never lose refrigerant. In other words in air conditioner is not like a car in that a car burns gas.

If an air conditioning system were to lose refrigerant, it’s because the refrigerant loop developed a leak. This leak can occur at the air conditioner, the evaporator coil, or the piping between the two. More often than not, the leak is in the evaporator coil. Once it is determined that your system has a leak, either more R22 can be added or the homeowner can elect to replace/repair the leaking component. The important thing to consider is that adding more refrigerant is only a band-aide repair. If the refrigerant leak isn’t severe, adding more R22 freon can last several months or even a year, but more severe cases may only last an hour. With that said, it’s important to decide between adding Freon vs. replacing the defective component.

The cost to replace Freon varies by the amount needed since it is charged by the pound. The typical charge starts with an $89 service call to visit the home and inspect your AC system. From there, the cost to add Freon is $68 for the first pound and $58 for each pound thereafter.

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