Over 99% Cleaner Indoor Air in 24 Hours

Over 99% Cleaner Indoor Air in 24 Hours

During peak cooling seasons we keep our windows shut for weeks or months at a time causing the same indoor air to repeatedly circulate throughout our homes gathering mold, allergens, and other contaminants along the way.  This results in air that is on average five times more polluted than outdoor air.  In fact, the EPA rates indoor air quality one of the top environmental health risks of today, and many modern air purification techniques, including sprays, candles, and ozone generators, only serve to make odors and add more chemicals to the air instead of solving the root of the problem.

Enter the new leader in air purification technology, the Fresh Air APCO UV-C Germicidal Light.  Ozone-free, chemical-free, and completely safe, over 99.9% of illness causing irritants are completely destroyed by the APCO light leaving you with truly purified indoor air in as little as 24 hours.

How does UV-C Light Clean My Air?

The UV-C light penetrates the cell walls of biological contaminates like mold, bacteria, viruses thereby disrupting their DNA to render them ineffective and incapable of              reproducing.  The technology is so effective, because through UV-C light is constantly generated by the sun, the ozone lager serves as a protective barrier against the             otherwise rapid influx of radiation.  As a result, the irritants that continue to pollute our indoor air have absolutely no tolerance or immunity to the light and remain vulnerable to its effects.

Additionally APCO UV-C systems eliminate Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from your home.  VOCs are gasses emitted from products like paints, lacquers, cleaning  supplies, pesticides, glues and thousands of other substances that can not only create foul odors but also adversely affect our health.  The carbon matrix built into the APCO UV-C Germicidal light captures VOCs allowing the light the opportunity to break down these compounds into harmless carbon dioxide and water vapor.

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