AC sitting in water?

When an air conditioner pad is sitting on loose soil it can settle in one direction or even sink. It’s even possible to see some air conditioners without a pad at all. In these instances, the air conditioner is most likely sitting too close to the soil. If the grade is particularly bad, water can pool near the air conditioner. When the AC is too close the ground, it can actually sit in the water during or after rain storms.

A small pool of water doesn’t pose an immediate threat to the air conditioner. We define a small pool as 1-3 inches. If it’s deeper than this, you probably have bigger problems, like your house is flooding. Most homeowners’ initial concern is that wiring may touch the sitting water. The electrical components on most air conditioners are at least 10 inches above the bottom of the unit, meaning live wires won’t be exposed to water. Almost all air conditioners are designed with this in mind, but it never hurts to check. In the long term, this problem leads to premature rusting and silt build-up on the coil, which effects efficiency and the life of the unit. If pooling water is present near your air conditioner, a repair should be made where a new base is installed to keep the unit elevated. A longer term solution would be to have the ground re-graded entirely to prevent pooling water.

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