Summer Vacations and Your AC

Summer Vacations and Your AC

Yes, you are headed out for vacation!!  Before you go, to save energy we would recommend running up the thermostat temperature a bit.  At Fresh Air we would recommend going no higher than 79°.  Any temperature higher than this and your home will become very musty.  Your air conditioner along with cooling the home, works as a dehumidifier.  If you do not keep the house relatively cool, the indoor humidity level will become very high.  The furniture, clothes, drapes, carpet, etc will all absorb too much moisture and will have a wet laundry smell.

It is also very important to have a friend or neighbor check on your home while you are away.  A prolonged power outage or AC failure is not something fun to come home to.

You may have heard of the new Wi-Fi thermostats, these are great for vacations and long weekends.  These thermostats allow you to turn the temperature back to normal when you are on the way home and to set alerts for any system failures.  We install all brands but carry a few great options if you are interested.

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