Furnace Inspection

What to expect at a furnace inspection

Whether you are scheduling furnace maintenance to maximize efficiency, catch small issues before they develop into large and costly repairs, or to help prevent a mid-season failure you should expect the following:

  • Heat exchanger(s) Examination. Inspecting for cracks and separations are necessary to ensure that carbon monoxide will not leak into your home.
  • Inspecting furnace flue. If the flue pipe is obstructed, rusted, or soft to the touch, harmful gases are not being properly removed from the home.
  • Thermostat Inspection. Checking correct calibration and a secure connection from the furnace to the thermostat will make sure that the furnace runs all season.  If your thermostat has batteries these should be changed regularly as well.
  • Inspecting the fan control to ensure efficient, accurate heating.
  • Cleaning and checking the blower. Dirt build up will affect air flow and system balance.
  • Lubrications of the furnace motor parts. Keeping the motor properly lubricated saves electricity, reduces friction, and prevents premature failure.
  • Changing or cleaning furnace filter. A dirty filter can starve the furnace of air and reduce energy efficiency.
  • Checking system safety controls. Verifying that the system will properly shut itself down if parts are malfunctioning is important in preventing possible fires.
  • Testing system start-up and shut-down.
  • Inspecting electrical connections. Checking that connections are tight and that the correct voltage is being sent helps to keep the furnace from overheating.
  • Testing gas pressure. The right amount of gas pressure ensures that the correct amount of fuel is reaching the burners.
  • Checking combustion air.
  • Examining the thermocouple.
  • Testing and cleaning the burner. Making sure that the burners are clean so that you have nice even flames increases efficiency.

For more information on your furnace inspection call Fresh Air Heating and Cooling at 636.530.0070.

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