Air Conditioner Covers

Should You Use Air Conditioner Covers?

The Fresh Air heating and cooling experts would say, no.  Your air conditioner is designed to be outside in the elements.  We do not recommend covering the air conditioner for two reasons, rodents and accidental failure.

Rodents, mainly mice, would find this covered air conditioner a very nice place to make a home.  They will build nests and chew wires over the winter, leaving your air conditioner inoperable in the spring.  The second reason is less common but does happen.  Since your air conditioner is usually on the side of the house and you don’t see it every day, you may forget that you have a cover placed on the air conditioner come spring.  If the air conditioner is turned on while the cover is still in place the unit will be starved for air.  The motor will seize and the compressor will be over worked.

We feel it is best to leave the air conditioner uncovered and have maintenance in the spring to remove any debris from the fall and winter.

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