What temperature should I leave my furnace at?

The holiday season is upon us… meaning shopping, traveling, and enjoying friends and family.  In all of the hustle and bustle don’t forget to control your indoor temperature before leaving town.  Around the holidays are technicians and account managers are commonly asked, “What temperature should I leave my furnace at while out of town?”.

At Fresh Air we would not recommend you running your thermostat down below 58°.  In St. Louis the weather changes quickly. You may leave home when the temperature is mild, but it can change to below freezing very quick.  The reason you don’t want to set your thermostat below 58° is to ensure the pipes in your home do not freeze.  If you are only going to be gone for the weekend I would only set the thermostat back 4°-5°.

It is also very important to have a friend or neighbor check on your home while you are away.  If there is an ice storm or your home loses power, you may have a prolonged outage that could cause many issues.

You may have heard of the new Wi-Fi thermostats, which are great for vacations and long weekends.  These thermostats allow for you to turn the temperature back to normal when you are on the way home and to set alerts for any system failures.

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