Uncomfortable Winter Air

Uncomfortable Winter Air
Is the dry winter air causing your family to suffer from itchy skin, dry nasal passages and static shock? Don’t blame your furnace! While a furnace can contribute to dry air in some cases, it is really the nature of the cold air itself that causes these winter woes. In the summer, the air is uncomfortably muggy because warm air holds a lot of moisture. Cold air can’t hold the moisture that warm air can. As a result, our skin and noses – even our hardwood floors – can dry out.
While you can’t avoid the dry, winter air entirely, you can fight back at home with a whole-house humidifier. Mounted on the ductwork near your furnace, a humidifier will add much-needed moisture back into the air and create a more comfortable home for you and your family.
Fresh Air is running a special through February! For ONLY $495 you can have a whole-house Aprilaire Humidifier installed.
Call our office at 636.530.0070 for details and to schedule.

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