Since its’ formation in the early 19th century, the city of Fenton has had close proximity to navigable water – the Meramec Rive.  This has played a major role in continual development and growth through the centuries.  Settlers date back to arriving in the 1770’s.  The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has designated an area in Fenton City Park with a plaque representing an even earlier civilization of the period 2,000 or 3,000 B.C.  “Olde Towne Fenton” was originally incorporated in 1874.

Fresh Air Weinrich Heating and Cooling has been servicing the area of Fenton since 1947.  This is before this area was called Fenton.  On March 9, 1955, Fenton was reincorporated.  One might say that Fresh Air Weinrich Heating and Cooling is a landmark operation in this fine town providing impeccable service for AC repair, AC tune-up and inspections.    Please ask our technicians about any coupons or Ameren rebates that may be available for high efficiency systems.

It is the goal of Fresh Air Weinrich Heating and Cooling to continue to provide air conditioner repair, and maintenance, or even total system replacement, to the 4,360 residents of Fenton.  This area, which is 5.5 square miles, is still one of the county’s best kept secrets.  Please contact Fresh Air Weinrich Heating & Cooling the next time you require heating and cooling maintenance.


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