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Olivette, MO was born in the mid-nineteenth Century as a small farming community.  It was officially incorporated in 1930 by joining 4 small communities; Central, Tower Hill, Olive and Stratmann.  Olivette, MO continued to strive to become a more established community by building the 1st brick schoolhouse in St. Louis County at the corner of Price and Old Bonhomme.  As of today, a brick schoolhouse still remains on that corner.


Fresh Air-Weinrich Heating and Cooling has been growing its business through Olivette, MO since 1947.  The Fresh Air Team has helped educate the residents of Olivette on everything from the importance of AC inspections and AC maintenance to air conditioner replacement and even HVAC replacement.  Fresh Air-Weinrich Heating and Cooling can solve your heating and air conditioning problems, perform your AC tune-up and complete your AC repair.  However, if you are in the market for a new air conditioner, call the Fresh-Air Weinrich Team for more information on Ameren rebates and coupons.

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