Valley Park,MO furnace picture


Valley Park, MO which is located on the Meramec River has the charm of a small community dating back 100 years.  Many trains used to stop in the town and the Meramec River was bustling with busy barge traffic.  Valley Park had a lot to offer then and still does.

Fresh Air is happy to be one of Valley Park’s premier heating and air conditioning service contractors for Residential and Commercial furnace repair since 1947. To take advantage of the furnace tax credits we offer a variety of high efficiency furnaces as well as humidifiers to choose from.  In addition, Fresh Air offers coupons and rebates good for HVAC repairs, furnace tune-ups, and furnace maintenance.  We pride ourselves on our service and skilled technicians that we offer to the Valley Park community.  Call 636-530-0070 to schedule your appointment today.

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